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chapter 1

The first few weeks of this semester (F17), I didn’t give my logic students any homework assignments or quizzes to take on their own outside of class (they just had the reading to do), and that turned out to be a mistake. To catch up a bit, I made this worksheet: ch 1 worksheet, emailed […]

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concept maps

In The A Game, Sufka explains that concept maps are (1) one good way for students to organize the material that they need to learn and (2) going through the process of making a concept map is an effective way to learn it (pp. 44 – 47—in the section “don’t study like a zombie”). We […]

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a quick introduction to deductive logic

This semester I did pp. 235 – 238 in Argument & Inference right after section 1.4 (in chapter 1). This is the handout that I used in class: Appendix_A–handout. And I’m not sure if the slides for appendix A got included with the instructor materials for the textbook, so they’re here:¬†Arg-and-Infer–Appendix_A.

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