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Here’s some information about getting started with the Wowgo 2S. This is especially for people (like me) who begin without much skateboarding experience.

Shipping  I ordered my board on a Saturday, and I got it 12 days later (on the Thursday). And that was to get it in Mississippi. It’s not Amazon Prime, but it’s not too bad.

Size  When I got my board, one thing that surprised me was how big it is. You know the length when you order it (and it’s pretty long), but the size of the wheels (which are 90 mm) and the weight of the whole thing make it significantly larger than most (or all) of the regular longboards that I’ve ever seen or ridden. In any case, I’ve gotten used to it, and it hasn’t really been a problem. But I think its size is worth mentioning because it’s not super convenient to carry the board around (e.g., inside a bar or school or whatever).

Trucks  When I got my board, the trucks were pretty tight, which meant that the board actually felt more stable than I was expecting. It was, however, pretty hard to turn.

I didn’t find much instruction about how loose or tight the trucks should be online, although there is this video.

I eventually settled on the principle that, if it were possible, the wheels should come close to hitting the bottom of the deck. (Of course, that’s not possible on the Wowgo 2S because of the way the deck is shaped.) I also found this chart on Reddit, which basically uses the same idea.

When making adjustments to the trucks (and by the way, that’s the largest nut on the underside of the board), I tried to keep the front and the back the same, but, if necessary, erring on the side of having the back one tighter than the front.

Riding  Even if you haven’t ridden a skateboard much (or at all), you can definitely hop on an electric skateboard and navigate a relatively straight and smooth road or bike path. When I got my board, though, I tried to work on some basic skateboarding skills. I think that makes it more fun and safer. I spent a lot of time working on carving, turning, and starting by pushing (rather than just using the controller to accelerate from a dead stop). For carving and turning, I just found a parking lot and did a lot of circles and figure eights.

These two Spencer Smith videos are also pretty good: here and here.

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