tethering for free(-ish) internet

If you don’t have internet service, but you have a smartphone with a solid data plan, you can—at least with most phones—use your phone’s data to connect your laptop to the internet. There are a lot of videos and guides about how to do this online. Below are the steps that I go through to do it on my phone (a OnePlus 6T).

Remember, when you do this, you are using your phone’s data plan. I wouldn’t recommend streaming movies, but it works fine for using Canvas and email.

Go to settings, select “Wi-Fi & Internet,” “Mobile HotSpot & tethering,” and “Mobile HotSpot” (no image), and then turn it on.

Once that is done, your phone should show up as a WiFi option on your laptop. (See the image at the bottom.) You may have to enter a password—see the third screenshot below—but once you’re connected, you’re good to go.