total votes for U.S. senators

Current Democratic senators and the two independents who caucus with the Democratic party, King and Sanders, received a total of 68,360,484 votes in their respective elections. Current Republican senators received a total of 59,577,911 votes.
It should be noted that this is an imperfect measure of the support for the senators in each party because elections in some years will attract more voters than the elections in other years. Also, this is only counting the votes for the winners of each election to the senate. Votes cast for the losing candidate are not counted. Counting all votes cast, or at least all votes cast for major party candidates, might, in principle, give a more accurate picture of total support for each party. Both of the current California senators, however, ran against a candidate from the same party in their general elections, which would skew a count of all votes cast.
The data are here: